Bitcoin building support is above $ 700 and 2016 high proof effectiveness

Market Weekly is to analyze price movements in digital currency markets, use of technology as an asset class. This article is from November 19 to 26.

Hot air balloon

Bitcoin continues to trade at a high level this week. Continued $ 750.

Coenex Di Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) figures indicate that the market capitalization of the dollar rose to $ 755 per barrel on November 14, when it was trading at $ 700 a barrel.

The price of digital currencies in the middle of June gained at $ 781.31 a year, while Bitcoin hit $ 713.13.

With this downturn, partners in many markets have themselves placed themselves to buy, “said Peter Sivkowski, co-founder and CEO of Whaleclub’s Lever Bitcoin Trading Platform.

Sivkovsky told Koenesk, “The money generated a new amount of money to boost this speculative activity.”

“This is a large-scale long-term candidate with high average entry price above 730 dollars.”

The excitement increases

Joe Lee, founder of the Leverage Bitcoin Trading Platform Magnet, also spoke about the excitement around Bitcoins.

With the annual height of the bitcoin, the price will be above $ 500 – as long as the key level of the leash goes north, Lee said.

Several market observers have pointed out the main relationship between macroeconomic and Bitcoin prices.

For example, in the election, support for the idea that Magnet’s data has a strong connection between the US election and the changes in the Chinese monetary policy.

Over the next few months, market observers have repeatedly pointed out China’s capital controls. If the country’s monetary policy reduces the dollar / CNN exchange rate by below 7.00, BTMEX founder and CEO Arthur Hayes Koindezk said.

Seekyxikki said that speculators can stay longer and reduce price rise when they are in the long run.

“The price to continue should be a macro-energy that is widely accepted by the sequite,” he said. “Only market sensitivities are likely to make profits.”

ETH / ETC still falls
Due to the two technical crises, Ether (EAT) and Ether Classic (ECTC), the Bitcoins are likely to have a huge hike in prices this week.

8% weekly dropped by 15.5% per week. Polonix reveals.

On November 22rd, the fourth hardkuck was “the trick dragon.” This new change is authorized by developers of the appropriate protocol to delete the accounts that are left across the network through an unrecognized hacker.

Four months ago, Dragon III in Kashmir is hard faced. The fact that Spruz’s dragons were on November 24, although this fact did not do much to reflect the confidence of the platform’s platform.

Jacob Alioff, Christopardarton Fund Manager, said, “Two Red Cross users have not implemented correctly”, and the two routes have become “buggies” in different ways.

“It’s a group of chains now, but I’m not adding more comfort to what I see,” he told Koindez.

On one side, Elioff emphasized this ambition, precaution, and investment withdrawal.

However, “there is no reduction in price from the fall of the $ 3 trillion, this is a decent buffer of the buyers.”

Classic comes from your own
Eightiamese classical has worked to define its identity as much as this week’s challenges.

Chris Barneske, who leads blockquests for investment manager ARK Investments, commented on the situation.

It seems to me that I am gravitationally in front of the Bitcoin-SQU attribute, at all prices and in unlimited distribution. “He said to CoinDesk:” I understand the inherent value of these attributes, stand out more classic as a rival to Bitcoin, a bad place. “

Sivkovsky has described Eti as “the completely decentralized version of ATT”. “It is possible to build a silence in the search market already.”

This article is not intended, do not take investment advice.

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