Pakistan Central Bank Eyes Digital Currency Launch by 2025

By 2025, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the Central Bank of India to calculate digital currency launch.

SBP Deputy Governor Jamal Ahmed said Tuesday that the central debit digital currency concept is now working to encourage economic stimulation, promotion and corruption.

By 2030 the Reserve Bank said it would provide “digital digital technology and digital technology”.

Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umar told the Federal Bank and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to ensure cyber security in the banking system. The economy.

Yesterday, the new regulations (EMIs) for SBP Electronic Money Companies were published. A classification involving cryptographic companies. Under the new law, EMIs must comply with certain terms for granting government license to the country, companies violating laws for suspension or license suspension.

The new regulations will be issued Monday, officials said.

The Central Bank said in a statement, “For the EMIs, the final customers will be able to provide adequate, adequate, personal and secure digital payment products and services.

The Finance Minister said Tuesday,

“E-Commerce is the policy of our government that promotes e-commerce in the public through awareness campaigns to promote a culture, which supports electronic business transactions at national, regional and international levels.”

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