The Bank of America receives the name Blockshine in Ancient Ledger

The Bank of America is trying to redress existing data sharing systems with a black chain, a statement said Thursday.

Filing, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), creates the design of the allowable blocking, if it is implemented, personal and business data securely recorded and authenticated, only authorized by authorized parties. In addition, the system will keep everyone’s accessible data accessible to the application.

This document specifies a block by combining the current data storage platforms into one secure network, increasing the efficiency by decreasing number of storage locations for a user’s data.

According to the first submission made in 2016, service providers and personalities use internet to share personal and business documents, especially dedicated web portals and e-mails. However, “There are many obstacles to using this type of electronic record sharing method,” including the recurrence of the process for each company and the risk of data corruption.

Using a blockchain will create a more efficient system, where each individual can keep all their documents in a digital leader. Businesses and service providers can access these documents if needed.

Note that this is a permitted blockhead, filing notes. It continues:

“The order of enreadidanrs the use of a private bleakkasine is used to inform providers of various types of documents. The person bleakkcainil In this way, all the documents relevant to the service providers or the company can be stored securely, and then you can have access to such documents and records are accepted only on specific carriers Please enter the occupied service providers by providing secure access. Only a health care provider may have access to the health records blakkceyinile. “

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