Fang Black Bath: Facebook, Google Plans AndeTt Trust Probes

The Tranjiparty Trust on Silicon Valley Technology firms sold huge FNI stocks on Monday. The Facebook stock has worsened after the announcement that an announcement was launched to determine if the fashion trade commission was involved in proprietary industries.

Similarly, Facebook and Fango groups – Google and Apple – the news has crashed, CEB. C Reported. The shares of Alfabet (Google’s parent company) dropped 6.1%, while Apple was just 1.1%.

Facebook Trading Volgende Trips
Fang’s biggest loss was Facebook. Stock prices fell by 7.5 per cent. A large stump of volume signals that can be sold.

Facebook has lost more than $ 40 billion from its market cap. It is now $ 468 billion.

On June 3, the company closed 52.7 million shares, down 7.5 per cent to $ 164.15. The average daily trading volume is 16.6 million.

Facebook Stock Price Credibility DOJ
Facebook’s stock has collapsed on reports that the company has been investigating social media monopolization. | Source: Yahoo Finance

TRUMP TARGETS silicon white giant
At this stage, two other FANG mega caps – Netflix Amazon – are not in the corporations of the Justice Department. As a result of technological breaks, their shares fell.

Here is a review of the preventive investigations for the disposal of these Silicon Valley heavyways:

FTC will investigate whether or not to participate in an illegal competition.
Google will investigate Google’s search engine quality.
DG assumes whether to investigate iPhone maker Apple.
Complaints from facerers and conservatives are months later, in order to control technology frauds like Facebook and Google’s Alfabet. They underline the stakes in their imperial markets as being monopolies.

Facebook is the world’s number one social media network, with over 2 billion global users. It is more than the population of many sovereign states.
Facebook is one of the top ten bogus accounts, Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Great Man Man Man in History’: Researcher

3:01 AM – January 25, 2019
Twitter ad information and information

Facebook has 1 billion forgery accounts, Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘greatest man in history’: researcher
Facebook says more than 2 million people will get it. Erin Greenspan, who works with former Mark Zuckerberg.
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Facebook and Sensorship on GOOGLE
Google is the leading search engine in the world. Like the monopoly, there is no real match for it. But it’s Facebook and Google’s bigger size.

It is also true that they take undue influence on the public council promoting ideas. For example, Google has repeatedly expressed protests and has consolidated conservative perspectives.

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Google allegedly spying on search results to support Google’s Democrat Hillary Clinton. Moreover, research from Harvard University found that Google’s search rankings are not objective.

In 2017, the European Union imposed a penalty of $ 2.7 billion to fine the country Google.

Roll out from FB-data bik scales
The conservative media is fireing fire to prevent removal of posts from right-wingers. Investors have undermined the technology crash for data that has the data to believe in believing publicly on social networking.

In April 2019, the Facebook shareholders in the SEC filing demanded that Mark Zuckerberg become the chairman and that the company would be “an international”.

Facebook basically confirmed that it will act like a dictatorship with seven in the face of the phoenholder proposal.

Investors: The public now has a Facebook page
Moreover, activist shareholders point out that personal faith in Facebook stops the company’s privacy. The Board also advised what steps would be taken to prevent future data violations.

The board again rejected this proposal. Facebook has argued that its content policies are transparent and therefore does not justify its bosses.

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