Crypto Dad Global Coin Digital Currency Confirms Facebook ‘Conversations’

Facebook’s plans for the Global Coin Cryptoquare are turning into steam. According to the Financial Times, the Social Media Giant Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has started discussions.

Derivative Regulator and Facebook are the CFTC chairman Chris Jiankloro, in the ‘Early Dialogue of Dialogue’. Pen JianCarlo can be understood to be under the control of the Global Coin CFTC. However, Facebook has not been able to submit a regular application:

We’re really excited to understand this very well. We can only act on an application, and we have nothing in front of us.
Crypto Dad Pencil Headpholt Open Letter CFT Execution Before …

2:17 AM – May 16, 2019
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Crypto Dad Pencil Headpholt Open Letter CFTC Exit
CCN: US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Christopher Jiankarno leaves for work five years later. Regulator, literally nicknamed “Crypto …
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GLOBALCOIN – Futures or Money-Based Markets?
The CFTC head said that global coin could not be decided on money-based markets. If so, then it can not be under the CFTC’s legitimate control. Bitcoin’s trading is often spread by futures.

The following year, Facebook’s Global Coy Report was published.
The shady Bitcoin of Facebook’s Killer Crypto comes from ‘Global Coin’ in 2020.

2:29 PM – May 24, 2019
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Facebook’s ‘shady Bitcoin Killer Crypto’ comes with ‘Global Coin’ 2020
Through CCN: Facebook’s cryptoCortor’s ambitions can be translated into reality the next year. The BBC reports that Bitcoin tracks social media superhero to start testing competitors.
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First, in a dozen countries, it is understood that Facebook will test its Cryptocartner. As mentioned earlier, the global coen will match the US dollar. It will be used to provide digital payments in its environment. Facebook can spread across the social networks and other features of TechHeady, Ats and Instagram.

Other regulators are facebook metadata
Besides CFT, Mark Mark has met with Mark Mark Carney, CEO of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg of the Bank of England. These two discussed the risks and opportunities that brought a mysterious mystery.

Facebook has held discussions with US Treasury officials on operation and regulatory issues.

Go to GLOBALCOIN for the messenger payment service?
Facebook Digital Currency Pear-to-Pear Digital Payment Solutions. This target was not found in the social media giant’s track record. Four years ago the Facebook Messenger service was unveiled by the Facebook Messenger application.

This was followed by a path established by China’s social network WeChat. Chat app currently has over 600 million users, used for payments.

Messenger’s winner on payment system did not succeed WeChat. Two years after the launch of the service in Europe, it has now continued and failed as expected. It is interesting to know whether the Messenger of Payment Service fails to win the Global Coin.

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