New York: The Google Department of the US Department of Textile is investigating

The US The Google parent company, Akkarekkootam Hot Seat with the Department of Justice The Wall Street Journal reported that it was preparing a pilot trail investigation into the Internet Search Guid.

Google was not first investigated by US federal defense mechanisms. However, it was the first time such an investigation was launched.

Google Google, Google Play, Google Play, Google Play, Google Play, Google Play, Google Play, Google Chrome and Google Chrome are all set to free Google Google for $ 5.1 billion in Google Chrome.

In 2017 Google’s financial statements revealed a deficit of 2.7 billion dollars. The result was a result of the 2010 ICC’s ranking of Google’s own shopping platform for shopping queries.

In March 2019, the European Commission broke with another conspiracy. This is the time for Google Display Advertisements to be licensed to third-party websites in some cases. The election was found to be “competitive.”

Is Justice Deept ‘trust bust’ alphabet?

In this part of the pond there was not much trouble with Google. This is due to the relatively more acceptable approach of the US Federal Government.

The worst alphabet had to face in the house. The US The FTC probe was not settled in 2013.

But a conservative inquiry into Google web search is making calls for breaking key politicians Silicon Valley Technologies.

Senator Elizabeth Warren – not even writing a single line in life (maybe 1 / 1024th) – has been suggested to break Google to multiple companies.

Facebook shareholders for dividing Facebook have voted on Thursday. Because the company will be “handled very efficiently and efficiently”. The shareholders have beaten these criteria.

High-text anti-programm programs are a single boggle
Elizabeth Warren presented an unbelievable approach to Google at the end of the 90s after a grievance on Microsoft. Microsoft did not carry out an investigation with Microsoft Internet operating system.

Microsoft did not stop providing a browser to customers. PC operating system agreed to share source code for its browser along with legend competitors.

Google, Facebook and other companies have been misinformed by the publication of the March edition by highlighting the functioning of DJ’s against Microsoft.

But they did not. They were brought up because they played a software game. Thus, an efficient, positive idea can be created in their own garage like Google. Thus, the lack of trust in the tech companies is just a joke.

Also, the Internet explorer is less than 10% of the browser market.

Intervention USFG But Google Chrome is a great browser. You can download it using Internet Explorer. Some of Microsoft’s beliefs.

Moreover, Google does not influence its market. Surprisingly, the gaming switching product, the best of it, the users and the advertisers.

Do the real criminals go back?

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