Black Shine Technology will be used in all companies within three years.

The blockchain has become an expression of the past year, but does not mean that it is not a successful solution for many businesses. An expert believes that over 60 per cent of the companies are using Bitcoin technology.

Frank Zion, Vice President of Blockchain Production Development, said Oracle Group Vice President Frank Zion said the Forbes CIO summarizes the “50% to 60% of companies will use blockquote within a few years.”

Oracle has more than 100 consumers using the blockchain platform for the purpose of traffic items.

The vice president of the company is very important in evaluating technology. He indicates that this is not the solution for the business. “We know the black shin can eat everything,” he said in the American business magazine, “So it’s more realistic for their business model.”


Blockquake: For everyone
Ted Kim, the vice president of the blockshin SDS, agrees, but it is not for everyone developing a growing technology. He told Forbes magazine:

Multi-party cooperation is more efficient after the blocking of the day, there will be a consortium of fake information to the distribution networks, or to create better climate trends. The original ROI in the blockchain.

In the future of blocks, Kem’s bullishhills have done more in the case of Xiong. Within three years, 20% of companies using block technology are expected.


Keep status quo
Decentralized blockchannel technology is essentially cooperative with centralized companies, and forgetful of freedom promises. Famous Bext360 CEO Daniel Jones:

People predict that the block will be decentralized and people will distribute reliable networks. I do not think this is possible – the companies are vertically unified and are going to be vertically integrated into the world’s Amazon farming system.

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