EU: Take over the European Union with our Crotonance Rules

France wants to implement Crypto-Regent Regulations, implemented in recent years by the European Union (EU).

French Finance Minister: Our guidance
France’s finance minister Bruno Le Meyer said that the European Union should consider accepting the country’s approach to regulating cryptography. La Mayer was speaking at the Paris Blockshine conference on Monday (April 15, 2019).

I suggest to my European partners that we have put together a unified framework in the crypto assets of the inspiration of the French experience. Our model is right.

He changed his position on Cryptocurrency and Blockchin Technology. Since 2018, the country prompts the implementation of cryptocountant regulations.

Bruno in Mear CryptoCorrenta Regulations Paris Blockshine Women Summit

In April 2019, Parliament set up a set of cryptocariante laws in the country. These rules mainly include licensor and tax regulations.

The new Regulatory Framework may apply for country’s market regulator for operating licenses, in accordance with virtual currency brokers and token engines. All those involved in the industry will have to pay taxes from the issuer to custodians, merchants and investors.

For France, a primary goal of the new legal model is to identify industrial partners. In addition to known consumer (KYC) protocols, the French regulators want to recognize the Togan brokers and cryptographers as a way to prevent black money transactions and avoid fraudulent companies.

The European Commission regularly organizes a Unified Regulatory Paradigm. However, there is no major improvement in that front.

Many Partners in the European Union have realized the need for a unified crypto-countercommercial regulatory code in this area. They are prepared to eliminate the patchwork of virtual currency laws that are potential for the regulatory arbitrage within the European Union members.

Calls for applicable laws in the EU
Lee Mairere’s call comes when European Union Compatriots Commissioner Mark Vestager is trying to move forward to formulate a legal framework for digital taxes.

In April, Westerger announced that it did not have to wait for global consuences before implementing the European Union’s own digital tax system.

Westchester is the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the leading economic center of the Silicon Valley companies operating in European countries. Taxes in Europe, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (“GAFA”), should be paid at fair value.

Vestager’s digital tax proposal can still be seen whether it extends to cryptocortantry companies.

Is it necessary to accept the European French cryptocartant regulations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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French Finance Minister: Our way is the right way
Calls to streamlined digital laws in the EU

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