The wind transfers about 40 million XRP for money; The users thought the flooding on the market

The price of cryptocurrencies has been taking a hit for the last few weeks; however, XRP was the only currency to stay away from ups and down in the cryptocurrency market. The price of the currency remained stable, but what is unknown and most was the main activity taking place on the market via XRP.

Alert Whale, a large tracker of a large cryptocurrency activity noted several interesting activities that took place on June 8 and June 9. One of the three activities that took place, moved 20 million XRP from the Ripple exchange bag to an unknown wallet. The sender address was identified as Ripple and was rffYK32pnicbmUvodKsLxTyQFJyEb23gaZ. The recipient’s address is unknown but the address was rHJMEHv4eKhBCmjqDEJtFcvZTZC9q1K1s7. The purchase rate was reported
8E321C72F0A01E7632553E40B0E5DBE17204122B1ACAFE0ABF17216605C94FC5. The following are purchases of purchases:

Source: Alert Whale
Source: Alert Whale

After further observation it found that the recipient’s address received the same amount from the exchange before and perhaps used to be used in another address. The XRP recipient’s balance was 22.323 million.

Another activity occurred seconds after the above operations, where the exchange for Ripple transferred another XRP to 20 million in a recognized handbag to the XRP ll handbag. The XRP package ll was rhjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bNNQ2Tva9fe9T8ud. It found that this address was used to transfer XRP to various exchanges like Digifinex, Hitbtc, and Huobi. This address may be just a Ripple, however, the name has confused many people from the community.

Source: Alert Whale
Source: Alert Whale

Twitter user @ CWSlater2, commented after watching activity:

“Is this the person who gets the #XRP or the flood flood?”

This activity is not new in the cryptocurrency environment but most of these activities bother as rumors about the nearest dump gets verified. During the media, XRP reached $ 0.4120 and the market caps of $ 17.40 billion. The 24-hour currencies of three large currencies were identified as $ 1.17 billion as they fell by 1.96% in the past. In the past seven days XRP fell to 5.85% bt it took up to 0.25% within an hour.

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