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Bitcoin Money: Tweet of Roger Ver shows two levels of government - Reasons365

Bitcoin Money: Tweet of Roger Ver shows two levels of government

India’s “draft bill” which was released by Bloomberg Quint earlier this week has led to a great excitement in crypto society. Lack of clear clarity of climatic clarity and no-nonsense Zebpay, conversion of crypto-enabled software, from country to Malta. The current version of the ‘resource bill’ makes mining, producing, holding, buying, selling or dealing in both “one-to-one” or “direct” sounds in the country. This can be a major blow to the adoption of the cryptocurrency preferences of Asia.

The regulatory environment of crypto in other Asian countries, Indonesia is much better than India after the former law that has made it necessary for the future exchange of cryptocurrency registered before operating, therefore, bringing it to the table. However, Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com and a popular face in the crypto area, gave a banner that says “Use Rupiah in every activity in Indonesia” and a violation is a punishment

Roger Ver

Governments say bureaucracy is bad, but they will send you to prison for compete with their own monopoly

“The thing is because the bribes in Indonesia more than our dollar. The most frightened when bitcoin uptrend in 2017 until bubble burst, banking Indonesia makes an announcement on the principle of digital code do not use as an activity and then the investor take down property. “

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