The ban on cryptocurrency of India? Experts measure the ‘bill bill’ which suggests a 10-yr prison term for dealing with crying

The transparency of control around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was not available in many countries. China and India have always blocked off the right sounds while urging blockchain.

A recent post by Bloomberg Quint about a bill bill that needs to be sentenced to one to ten years in jail if you are faced with dealing with the solution has turned many heads. However, the validity of the draft bill has not been accepted; Two bills that are used on crypto Twitter were not verified by the leaders, during the media.

‘Bill bill’ explained:

“Anyone who works directly or indirectly, produces, holds, sells, is involved, transfers, offers or issues of cryptocurrency or its combination with the intention to use it for any purpose mentioned, or directly or indirectly. automatically uses cryptocurrency for any activities mentioned in the clause … you will be penalized for a fine that may be ordered by the Central Government in the First Schedule or the imprisonment which shall not be less than a year but may extend to ten years or both. “

In addition, “the bill” clearly indicates that the above-mentioned error will not be enough. The news led to a lot of fears and turned as many heads as prominent people in the place reacted badly to the draft bill.

CZ, co-founder of Binance, wrote: \ t

“The Bill in India will pacify the money to be approved in front of. For 1/5 of the world’s population”

Barry Silbert’s founder of Digital Currency Group and a participant of #DropGold program sent:

“India is not recommended around. This, of course, has the opposite effect of waste on the bitcoin awareness and interest in the country”

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