The founding of the founder of the founding of the system of maintenance of the system raises the eyebrows

Binance, one of the world’s largest combinations, stood to work a few hours ago, business was not displayed, candles stopped publishing in TradingView, deposits were not found, among others.

The money announced a planned maintenance report that will take approximately 3 hours.

“Binance will stop the deposits, withdrawal, and business at this time. Deposits that have not been completed before the start of repairs will be processed after completion of repairs.

A few hours later, the conversion announced that you have been disrupted by the disk failures a few hours ago but existing systems have detected failure and prevented any shortages.

Exchange tweeted:


Our system has seen the failure of disk and for beautifully closed to prevent any data loss or corruption.
It will update regularly on our development during maintenance.

Money is #SAFU
We pray for any inconvenience.

2:35 AM – June 8, 2019
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The co-founder of Binance, Yi He, assured the users evenly tweeted:

“Why @binance do unexpected repairs? Because our system has seen the disk failures and beautifully closed to prevent any data loss or corruption. No data was lost, and all affected systems have returned to the Internet as usual.

Tweet received a lot of heat from frustrated users who tried to delete information while others thought there was something going under the hood.

Twitter user @rotorobots, said:

“This doesn’t mean a lot of technologies. What does this mean? No setup redundancy?”

Another user @SecOfBitcoin, commented:

“Hrmmm … tell the user base of technology that” disk failure “has led to the entire, over tier, exchange going out offline unscheduled. For more information around it or you are experiencing back illness, boys. boomers on AOL, @cz_binance. Yes, bruh.

Bitfinex’ed suggested that CoinField, CoinSquare, and Binance, all went out of the internet for the maintenance of the system at least away from each other and that this was odd. According to advertising for each other on Twitter, CoinSquare was the first exchange to go on maintenance at 11:46 IST, this was followed by Binance at 03:05 IST; CoinField was the final exchange that entered into the state of repair at ISH 03:20.

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