Bitcoins [BTC] worth $ 1.3 million stolen from Bitfinex, is now transferred to a different address

Bitfinex, one of the most controversial in the world after the Tether-NYAG button, has made a return to the following information update on the stolen Bitcoins from the exchange when hack.

Earlier today, Alert Whale, Twitter addressing the great sound of the movement for many leading currencies, informed the five activities made from the stolen Bitfinex address. These five activities have been around 172.574 Bitcoins, worth $ 1364600 $ [$ 1.3 million] during operations.

In particular, the exchange is affected by a double security breach, and one hack takes place in 2015 and another in 2016. Exchanges lost almost 1500 BTC for the first hack and 119,756 Bitcoins for the second attack. Immediately withdrawn today have been a second hack.

funds were transferred from five different addresses, 19Xs96FQJ5mMbb7Xf7NXMDeHbsHqY1HBDM, 1MP3c916NzJkE1zaWkewH5XUR26urCZgJQ, 1HtWGGRhKKKe2jeaDZPVTQv2wcTF3Doobg, 19ZzA43P7Jedd1JVpnbMS777KGvzYetnbG and 1MyEwPiTvhMXnBwRSNb86aHhbYyCqFiikN. They were sent to other addresses unknown wallet five 3K8JAiDssScq24Te37R7HvtsPrWLU35aG2, 3C5WLue6k3x9ou58tFSHqe7xRo8tzoMiNq, 37rN2ZuWTsyBprftT4eUn2sorYrgcuYYZX, 3BfWsUgcEup32rgGknr7KrW2uMnAk2SV52 and 32aTaX4FbZ9iVTi1HNDPoS6b7wViqGoVad

Additionally, this was not the first time the striker motivated Bitcoins stolen this year. In April 2019, the hacker moved to Bitcoins 550 from the link linked to the hack 2016.

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