Suntec runs for Blockchain 2019 Conference

Connecting industry leaders, business decision makers, and tech developers, the Blockchain Singapore Conference is a 1 day meeting with the exhibition made by the blockchain business and technology technology distribution [DLT].

According to non-text content, voters’ comments and opportunities for unique networks, Blockchain Singapore meeting is a must-occurring event to understand the challenges and opportunities for future blockchain.

Blockchain Summit is a great series of Blockchain Event in the world. On August 20, 2019 in Suntec in Singapore, the Blockchain Asian Conference meeting was the fourth event of 2019 at the Blockchain Conference, following the successful events in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and London.

Considering the industries that are most affected by blockchain technology, join more than 1000 development professionals, 80 leading industrial speakers, international companies and innovative technologies to gain skills, skills, and relationships to open the skills of Blockchain Technology.

Some of the top speakers who have already attended the Blockchain Singapore Conference include:

Celine Le Cotonnec, Head of Department, Singapore AXA Insurance
Guilhem Vincens, General Change and Innovation APAC, ABN Amro
Abdallah Alomari, KYC Expert, Credit Loans
Shahar Steiff, Vice President of President New Technology, PCCW Global
Victor Alexiev, APAC Program Manager for Citi Ventures, D10X, Citibank
Swapna Malekar, General Manager, Products, RBC

The event plan addresses key areas of change and provides an important platform for discussing blockchain technology opportunities and leaders of industry and industry experts. Discuss and debate the effects of blockchain in the industry including Finance, Insurance, Reja, Food Supply and Telecom through close tables, interactive interactive surveys, and panel discussions.

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