Facebook to open the International Currency in June, the College listed on the Swiss Business Registry and more

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Crypto Information – 06 June – Enter the Swiss Market, Facebook-fast track launch of Global Coin and more

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6:11 PM – June 6, 2019
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Crypto News – June 6

23 million XRP stolen from users on GateHub

Thomas Silkj√¶r, 2K / DENMARK creative director, explained the “potential security breach” in GateHub can cause users to lose approximately 23 million XRP

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Decrease: XRP gets push in the Philippines

Recently, Ripple received a green signal to push its domestic property, XRP, to the Philippines. The argument was made possible following the company’s SendFriend announcement earlier this year

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The Monero Spain takes a shot at Craig Wright

Monero’s leadership and hosting of the Crypto Magical Conference, Riccardo Spagni, took a quick joke at Craig S Wright. This was the answer of Craig S. Wright’s article showing how “Monero and other mixed coins are involved in cash transfer operations and money keeping.”

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Bitcoin [BTC] at least volatile

According to the analysis of Ceterius Paribus, Bitcoin is still a little fragile among the seventeen of the highest in the market, while Bitcoin Cash is on the other side of the scope

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Augur [REP] on overcoming his major attack

The developer team behind the project has provided the official blog, ‘Winning the largest Augur Attack,’ describing usage and fixing

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Bitcoin [BTC] corruption as a human creation, says the analyst

“Bitcoin is a value shop,” said Chris Mancini, Gabelli Gold Finance analyst. However, Mancini said that the coin was destroyed because it was “the creation of man”, unlike gold, which is “the creation of God.”

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