Slushpool CTO says Bitcoin minerals are ‘awesome’, it says that the mining institutions are increasing

The company behind Slushpool, Braiins, launched a firmware of ASIC ASIC: Brainins OS last year with efforts to “restore the open program of ming” to “take control” of the mining industry. Co-founder and Co-CEO in Brain Systems, Pavel Moravec, who is “pro-opened sourced”, said that now the mining situation was “pretty scary”.

In a recent edition of the panel debate written on the Magnificent Crypto 2019 Conference, Moravec spoke about the open source of a mining source. Slushpool’s Chief Technology Officer said that mining mining of the open firm firmware is similar to “having your keys under your control”.

He acknowledged that these minerals were “frightening” from a security perspective and saying that miners must have the opportunity to explore the firmware. Said,

“We basically think the user should have a chance to choose what firmware runs, allows new features or anything but the security thing is important.”

Referring to the growing trend of “switch from retail to institutions” into the mining position, Moravec said that the miners were growing. He noted that there was an increase in institutional and added minerals that were included in the procurement of equipment and implementing ASICs that were different from earlier times when most of Bitcoin’s players were declined.

According to the CTO’s former mining pond, “the change was clear”. However, he admitted,

“But still, we are faced with many miners who cannot do justice security, so every single part of the infrastructure that can help everyone in a position to get more would be good.”

Besides, he also stressed that “best protocol” was one of the most important aspects of infrastructure that needs to be done.

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